About Us

This is where we get to talk about ourselves, giving ourselves all kinds of pats on the back. Well, we won’t do that.

Instead, we’ll dedicate this page to the wonderful, amazing people who always have our back: our beloved team.


Remember when we told you we’re in the business of connecting people? Well, we were not kidding: please, meet the incredible individuals who make up our amazing team!

Oh, and feel free to get in touch with any of us!

We’ll be super stoked to hear from you.


Andreas Saller


It’s easy to describe him: he’s the life of the party. It’s that simple. Which is no surprise, given the way he carries himself: with open arms and an open heart. But don’t let his huge, welcoming smile fool you. When it comes to delivering the best possible result to the client, no one takes it more seriously than Andreas.


Carla Stinchi


The first thing you’ll notice is that when people talk, she really, TRULY listens. And that stems from the fact that she was blessed with the greatest of all gifts: empathy. She’s tireless, determined and LOVES life. We’re incredibly lucky to have her by our side!


Esther Jagosehit

“God’s in the details” is what Esther’s about. A true perfectionist, she’s exceptionally focused, extraordinarily attentive and extremely cautious. Her curiosity drives her to be open to new ideas, new people and new places. Has a huge heart. And yes, it’s made of gold.


Amanda Pelcerman

She is the definition that great things come in small packages. She might be tiny, but her smile is humongous. Those who spend time with her know this: there’s no one in this world that can make you feel more welcomed and embraced than her. Whenever she walks into a room, the vibe and the atmosphere change. For the better.


Gabhy Policicio

Right off the bat, you can just feel her positive vibe. Super fun and super focused at work. The type of commitment she displays on every project is unmatched (she usually knows more about the client than… the client him/herself). Her family is everything to her (her grandma is her hero). Oh, and her English skills are just plain Shakespearean.


Cristiane Barros

Quiet and shy, “pero no mucho”. She’s the gatekeeper and grandmaster of our financial department. Insanely organized, she doesn’t let anything come between herself and her Excel sheets. Her biggest passion is her family. Her best friend’s name is HP 12C (they’re always together!). And her dream destination is Portugal.


Eugene Liang

He thinks before he speaks and is always looking to keep things on an even keel. His introspective and perceptive ways are why he always listens and observes before asking (the right) questions. His ability to put thoughts into words is shaped by coherence and truth seeking.



Pingo, our beloved mascot, emotional support, greeting committee and day-to-day inspiration. He always arrives happy at work and does the rounds greeting and being greeted by everyone before going to sit majestically in his chair. Yes, he has chosen an office chair to call his own, and if by any chance it is in the wrong place, he will very subtly let us know. He is a true example of cuddly unconditional love.